APC 15: developing the UK’s low carbon automotive capability

Fund Name: APC 15: developing the UK’s low carbon automotive capability
Project Length: between 18 and 24 months
Project Value: £5m-£40m and be 50% match funded
Deadline: 04/03/2020


The aim of this competition is to seek proposals for collaborative R&D projects. These should demonstrate the development of on-vehicle technologies (including material, product and manufacturing processes) for on or off-road vehicles.

Fund details

Your project must either:

  • accelerate the development of technologies capable of low and zero tailpipe emissions
  • or demonstrate a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions leading to air quality improvements

APC is particularly looking for projects that support the UK’s long-term supply chain, associated capabilities and growth aspirations. This includes improving productivity and competitiveness in the design, build and manufacture of vehicles that are capable of low and zero tailpipe emissions.


  • motors
  • batteries
  • power electronics
  • hybridisation
  • alternative propulsion systems

Your application must demonstrate a positive impact on the UK economy. This can include projects that will make a major investment in:

  • creating new supply chains supporting the transition to electrification and zero-emission vehicles
  • adding resilience to existing supply chains under a variety of circumstances (where applicable) such as low, medium, high production, niche, off-highway, commercial or volume passenger vehicles
  • the delivery of a UK centric high-value manufacturing and sourcing footprint
  • lowering the overall cost of goods sold to customers
  • joining together (simplifying) less productive or mature elements of existing UK supply chain, leading to business efficiencies and reducing uncertainty and risk
  • attracting companies not traditionally delivering products, services or skills in automotive into the sector
  • risk screening and due diligence to identify risks in the proposed supply chain developments
  • improving the manufacturing readiness level (MRL) of your technology

Your project’s total eligible costs must be 50% match funded and between £5 million and £40 million.

Projects can last between 18 and 42 months.

Specific themes

The project must focus on or relate to one or more of the following strategic technology themes. You must determine which technology or technologies best represent your project:

  • alternative propulsion systems
  • electric machines and power electronics
  • energy storage and energy management
  • lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures
  • thermal propulsion systems that deliver substantial improvements

To lead a project you must:

  • have an active registered business base in the UK
  • be a grant recipient
  • involve at least one micro, small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)
  • include, as part of your consortium, a vehicle manufacturer or tier 1 supplier who supplies parts directly to an original equipment manufacturer
  • collaborate with others
  • carry out the work in the UK
  • intend to exploit the results from or in the UK
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