Detailed designs of smart, local energy systems

Fund Name: Detailed designs of smart, local energy systems
Project Length: no longer than 24 months
Project Value: Share of up to £30m
Deadline: 07/08/2019


Your proposal must be focused on a specific, named, UK location. The locality must be at least the size of a town but our ambition is to fund groundbreaking local energy systems projects up to city or region scale (or equivalent industrial, rural or other areas in terms of energy capacity).

Fund Details

Your project must:

  • develop a revolutionary market and business model approaches for the provision of smart energy systems
  • develop a detailed understanding of energy supply, distribution and consumption patterns in your locality
  • understand the current and future energy assets, networks and consumer needs in your locality
  • integrate new energy technologies across heat, power and transport in a way that is replicable and scalable to multiple areas across the UK
  • reduce the whole system costs of energy provision, resulting in significantly smaller bills for the end consumer
  • validate the revenue streams and value proposition of the proposed business model
  • write sound financing and investment proposals for the implementation of the energy system design which share the benefits and risks fairly between investors, consumers, utilities and authorities
  • show an integrated approach to managing energy supply, distribution and consumption across heat, power and transport
  • consider the future role of gas as well as electricity systems
  • describe how you will aim for an open data and systems design policy wherever possible
    include a finance and investment work package (covering, as a minimum, the relevant points raised in questions 1 and 5 of the application)
  • show you understand the impact that varied boundaries of local authorities, gas and electricity distribution networks, and mobile energy assets (such as vehicles) have on the national and local energy system
  • consider the policy and regulatory conditions needed to design the local energy system
  • consider how you will work with local authorities, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), OfGem and Code Administrators to implement your design

We will consider proposals wishing to claim in excess of £3 million and up to £5 million in grant funding. This is if the project is of exceptional scale and ambition and you can demonstrate that extra funding will drive substantially higher leverage and value for money.


To lead a project you must be a:

  • UK based business
  • RTO
  • public sector organisation
  • university
  • higher education institution
  • Catapult
  • or a local authority or similar body
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