Digital health technology catalyst round 3: collaborative R&D

Fund Name: collaborative R&D
Project Length: Up to 24 months
Project Value: Share of £8m
Deadline: 31/10/2018


Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, is to invest up to £8 million in industrial research and experimental development projects that develop new digital technology solutions to healthcare challenges. We are running another competition in parallel focusing on feasibility studies.

Fund Details

Innovate UK has set out the following areas of importance as a guide to what we are looking for. This should not limit the scope of any potential projects.

1. Improving health, and closing the health and wellbeing gap with:

  1. cancer diagnosis and treatment
  2. mental health early stage intervention and treatment
  3. diabetes risk and incidence reduction

2. Transforming care, and closing the care and quality gap with:

  • urgent and emergency care provision
  • management of primary care workload
  • enabling patient choice in elective care

3. Controlling costs, enabling change. and closing the finance and efficiency gap. This will be through the use of technology to maintain or improve levels of care with reduced spending.

State clearly what unmet healthcare need you are addressing, which technologies you are using and, if applicable, which stage of the patient experience it relates to.

The types of digital health projects that Innovate UK will fund include (but are not limited to):

  • clinical decision-making support
  • technologies that improve access to healthcare or help treatment compliance or provide patient led management
  • digital technologies and products which help overcome privacy challenges of managing, sharing and exploiting data
  • projects addressing the patient-led experience from prevention, through diagnosis, treatment and recovery, to long-term care
  • applications of technology to health challenges where digital solutions offer and can demonstrate significant improvements in quality, speed, cost, outcomes and learning

Industrial research and experimental development projects’ total eligible costs can be between £300,000 and £1 million. All projects must start by 1 April 2019 and can last up to 24 months.


To be eligible for funding your project must:

  • be led by a UK based SME
  • include at least one of the following: another business (of any size), NHS organisation, academic organisation, charity, public sector organisation or research and technology organisation (RTO)
  • carry out its project work in the UK
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