MarRI-UK Technology and innovation call

Fund Name: Technology and innovation call
Project Length:
Project Value: £170k
Deadline: 20/12/2019


The DfT is launching a call of £1M called the Technology and Innovation in UK Maritime Call. The call will fund innovative solutions within mid-TRL (TRL 3-7) to demonstrate potential applications for innovative technology or for proof of concept of new ideas in this field.

Fund details

Only projects which score well against the following criteria will receive funding from MarRI-UK:

  • Project proposal must be in mid TRL (3-7) stages.
  • Project proposal must demonstrate good value for money for the UK and deemed it could have potential impact for UK market once further development has been completed.
  • Project proposal must have clear deliverables such as time, cost, and quality.
  • Project proposal must be deemed viable given timescales, deliverables, and resources.
  • Project proposal must have innovative aspects (e.g. ground-breaking objectives, new technology, process innovations or services), this includes products being used in innovative ways, outside of their original intended use.
  • Project proposal must offer benefits to maritime operations and/or services (e.g. increased safety, reduced cost, improved efficiency, reduced emissions and wider environmental benefits, etc.).
  • Project proposal must offer significant improvements to systems, timings, process or technology for maritime operations and/or services.
  • Project proposal must align with the aims and ambitions set out in Maritime 2050 and/or the Technology and Innovation in UK Maritime route-map.
  • Funding requested is within DfT scope (up to £170K)
  • Funding requested is in accordance with stipulated funding structure (see Funding section below)

To lead a project or work alone your organisation must:

  • be a business of any size with a base in the UK to lead a research project
  • be a business of any size with a base in the UK, an academic
  • organisation, or a research and technology organisation (RTO) to lead a capital investment project
  • Carry out your maritime research or technology development project work in the UK
  • Intend to exploit the results from or in the UK or from or in more than one location including the UK
  • This is open to single business as well as consortiums

Stage 1:

30 September: Expression of Interest (EoI) submission open
20 December: EoI submission closed
6 Jan 2020 – 14 Feb 2020: EoI assessment

Stage 2:

17 February 2020: Invitation to submit full proposal release, submission for full proposal open
10 April 2020: Submission for full proposal closed
13 April – 5 June 2020: Proposal assessment
8 June 2020: Funding award announcement

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