Ofgem 2021: Data and digitalisation- Discovery

Fund Name: Ofgem: Data and digitalisation- Discovery
Project Length: 2 months
Project Value: Up to £150,000
Deadline: 17/11/2021


The aim of the Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund is to decarbonise gas and electric energy distribution and transmission networks and benefit the consumer.

Discovery is the first phase of a 3 phase competition:

  • Discovery (this phase)
  • Alpha
  • Beta

The aims of this competition are to:

  • Decarbonise gas and electric energy distribution and transmission networks and benefit the consumer
  • Deliver the next generation of user-driven digital products, services and processes spanning transmission and distribution plus Government, generators, suppliers, local authorities, and other organisations
  • Deliver the enabling digital technologies required to accelerate progress in other challenge areas
  • Improve data monitoring, availability, quality, collection, interoperability, access, and insights to third parties in order to increase consumer choices and improve the efficiency, security and resilience of networks
Fund Details

Your project must address the overarching requirements of the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), as stipulated in the SIF Governance Document. Over the three phases, applicants must demonstrate that projects deliver a net benefit to network consumers through:

  • Energy bill cost reductions
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Access to revenues for users of energy network services; or introducing products, processes and services that are new to the UK energy market

Your project must address:

  • Users and their context
  • Constraints affecting the problem or wider context
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Environmental impacts

As a minimum you must directly address at least one as the primary focus of the proposed project:

  • More transparent and effective pricing and allocation of reinforcement costs in relation to new connections
  • How you will work in the open and utilise open-source approaches wherever appropriate
  • Publication of searchable metadata of datasets produced through the project
  • Enterprise and business processes to facilitate the flow of data within and between organisations
  • Enabling consumers to use their data to engage in energy system innovation whilst maintaining privacy and security
  • How interconnected assets can help network customers and consumers to interact with and support the energy networks
  • How to improve the visibility of infrastructure and assets, for instance, new digital infrastructure or novel uses of sensor and communications technologies
  • The interoperability of software platforms and data with other infrastructure sectors
  • How novel uses of data and digital platforms can significantly improve network planning, modelling, and forecasting capabilities

To lead a project, you must:

  • Be a licenced: gas distribution network, transmission network operator, or electricity system operator
  • Partner with at least one other energy network licensee holding a different category of network licence, for example a gas transporter, electricity system operator, electricity transmission, electricity distribution or other energy network licenced company
  • Work with researchers or private sector or organisations with technical capabilities in data and digital technologies
  • Work with relevant data owners and processors
  • Work with at least one other organisation as your subcontractor

Subcontractors can include a variety of third-party innovators such as:

  • Start-ups
  • SMEs
  • Suppliers
  • Academics
  • Independent researchers
  • Disruptors
  • Other energy network companies

We are looking for proposals that involve all the necessary stakeholders relevant to the proposed innovation, from a data and digitalisation perspective.

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