Ofgem 2021: Zero emission transport- Discovery

Fund Name: Ofgem: Zero emission transport- Discovery
Project Length: 2 months
Project Value: Up to £150,000
Deadline: 17/11/2021


The aim of the Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund is to decarbonise gas and electric energy distribution and transmission networks and benefit the consumer. Discovery is the first phase of a 3 phase competition:

  • Discovery (this phase)
  • Alpha
  • Beta

The aims of this competition are to:

  • Decarbonise gas and electric energy distribution and transmission networks and benefit the consumer
  • Develop the technologies, infrastructure, and processes required to support and accelerate at-scale uptake of zero-emission transport options
  • Maximise opportunities to integrate zero-emission transport energy provision with the wider energy sector, for example for constraint management or maximising use of renewables
  • Coordinate strategic energy networks decisions with the transport sector, to ensure delivery of an efficient energy system which also meets the needs of transport users
  • Provide greater certainty on the options, costs, and timelines for energy network infrastructure availability which supports zero-emission transportation
Fund Details

Your project must address the overarching requirements of the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), as stipulated in the SIF Governance Document. Over the three phases, applicants must demonstrate that projects deliver a net benefit to network consumers through:

  • Energy bill cost reductions
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Access to revenues for users of energy network services; or introducing products, processes and services that are new to the UK energy market

Your project must address:

  • Users and their context
  • Constraints affecting the problem or wider context
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Environmental impacts

As a minimum you must directly address at least one as the primary focus of the proposed project:

  • How the project will directly support the growth of zero-emission transport options
  • How to maximise the opportunities that electric vehicles create to deliver a smarter energy system, whilst ensuring that energy networks are prepared for accelerating uptake
  • How energy networks can support integrated multi-model transport services in local areas
  • Energy supply requirements for long haul aviation, shipping, or rail

To lead a project, you must:

  • Be a licenced: gas distribution network, transmission network operator, or electricity system operator
  • Work with a mobility technology or infrastructure provider, for example, electric vehicle charge point providers, port authorities or network rail
  • Work with at least one other organisation as your subcontractor

Subcontractors can include a variety of third-party innovators such as:

  • Start-ups
  • SMEs
  • Suppliers
  • Academics
  • Independent researchers
  • Disruptors
  • Other energy network companies

Your project must primarily focus on the energy network aspects of innovation. Components of the energy system which sit outside the regulated energy network infrastructure such as energy generation, storage, or in-home services are within scope if their inclusion delivers a net benefit to network consumers.

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