SBRI: modernising energy data access and information, phase 1

Fund Name: SBRI: modernising energy data access and information, phase 1
Project Length: no more than 6 weeks
Project Value: Between £100k and £160k
Deadline: 08/01/2020


Your project must accelerate the development of tools and processes to modernise data services for the energy sector. Successful applicants will have access to advice, industry experts and representative datasets.

Your proposal must allow the owners and users of digital energy information to collaborate and develop efficient solutions to achieve the UK’s decarbonisation ambitions. You should keep costs low and maintain energy system reliability.

Fund Details

Innovate UK expect to fund up to 3 phase 1 projects (subject to quality criteria being met). Your project must have total eligible costs between £100,000 and £160,000, including VAT.

Phase 1 projects must start by 6 April 2020 and can last no more than 6 weeks.

Your proposal must:

  • be flexible and easy to reuse, regardless of the source of the data
  • enable digital information exchange across the energy industry data landscape, using the representative data sets provided by Innovate UK
  • demonstrate a rational process to move from the current fragmented data landscape to one that is more transparent and efficient
  • encourage innovation by increasing data visibility and ease of access to energy data
  • involve interested private sector organisations, such as the Energy Networks Association (ENA), distribution network operators (DNOs), the electricity system operator (ESO), in modernising the energy data landscape
  • show that data sets based on different standards, formats and technologies can be made to work together at minimum cost and complexity
  • make sure data is compatible with national reference data which is relevant to the energy system (for instance from the Office for National Statistics)
  • produce open source (or a format with a similar principle) outputs which can be used by both the energy industry and other sectors and create opportunities for commercial exploitation
  • consider the data security implications of the solution and ensure security mindedness is incorporated throughout
Specific themes

Innovate UK  particularly encourage you to design and build ways in which each user can search and access relevant data. For example this could be by:

  • location or geospatial reference
  • asset type
  • other characteristics

You can work alone or collaborate with others as subcontractors.

To lead a project, you must:

  • be an organisation of any size
  • work alone or with others from business, the research base, the public sector or the third sector as subcontractors
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