Smart local energy systems – demonstrators

Fund Name: Smart local energy systems - demonstrators
Project Length: Up to 36 months
Project Value: Share of £40M
Deadline: 25/07/2018

Smart local energy systems – demonstrators.

UK Research and Innovation will invest up to £40 million from the Prospering from the Energy Revolution Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. This competition aims to invest in up to 3 world-leading practical smart local energy systems demonstrators. These will include new business models that intelligently link supply, storage and demand patterns across power, heating and transport. The result will be a dynamic energy system that can:

  • dramatically reduce whole system energy costs and emissions
  • transform services to users
  • improve efficiency, productivity and resilience
  • reduce environmental impacts

Projects must demonstrate new, smarter, local energy approaches at scale, which can:

  • provide cleaner, cheaper, more desirable energy services for the end user
  • lead to more prosperous and resilient communities
  • prove new business models that are suitable for investment and can grow and replicate in the 2020s
  • provide evidence on the impacts and efficiency of novel energy system approaches by the early 2020s

The project must:

  • be based over a specific large UK location such as a medium-sized town
  • seek to optimise energy across a diverse range of energy supplies, varieties of infrastructure and types of demand
  • deliver significantly lower costs and emissions while creating economic benefits for the local area and the UK as a whole
  • encourage private investment to replicate your model nationally through the 2020s
  • use innovations that intelligently link energy supply and demand across power, heat and transport
  • deliver benefits to a range of stakeholders by 2022
  • develop processes and skills in the UK for designing, financing, building and operating smart local energy systems, joining up supply chains where appropriate

Projects will be expected to work closely with and share information with programme stakeholders.

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