The Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition

Fund Name: The Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition
Project Length: complete by 25 of July 2022
Project Value: Up to £300k
Deadline: 09/08/2021


The Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition forms part of BEIS’ £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio, which aims to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative clean energy technologies and processes through the 2020s and 2030s.

The aim of the Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition: Stream 1 is to identify, support and then develop credible innovative hydrogen supply technologies/enabling technologies bringing about a step change in their development. This will achieve the following aims:

  • Reduce costs of hydrogen supply – the competition will support advances in hydrogen supply solutions (both incumbent and challenger solutions), that will reduce the cost of hydrogen relative to current best available technique technology costs.
  • Increase Carbon Saving potential – the competition will support the development of technologies which will improve resource efficiency through improvements in energy efficiency or greater use of a constrained renewable source, poorer quality water use, and higher capture rates.
  • Develop novel technologies to increase market competition – the competition will have a focus on enabling a diversification in hydrogen supply solutions.
  • Knowledge building to inform policy development – the competition will produce a number of reports which will provide market insight on the support required to enable rollout and costs of a range of hydrogen supply solutions.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills required to meet net zero – the competition will enable the development of the skills and experience required across the supply chain.
Fund details

The Competition will be delivered over two phases; Phase 1 (total budget £6m) will support multiple projects to scope and develop a feasible prototype demonstration project to be run in Phase 2. Phase 2 (total budget £24m) takes the most promising projects from Phase 1 and supports the proposed physical demonstration of their hydrogen supply solution.

The purpose of the feasibility study (Phase 1) is to develop the hydrogen supply technology or enabling technology concept. The feasibility study will support the development of the project team’s understanding of the core and ancillary technology, the performance of the technology, the market potential, the route to market (including competition) and costs and delivery plan for Phase 2.

The competition will be split into four Categories:

  • Category 1: Low Carbon Hydrogen Production
  • Category 2: Zero Carbon Hydrogen Production
  • Category 3: Hydrogen Storage and Transport
  • Category 4: Net Zero Hydrogen Supply solutions

The Competition funding will be awarded using the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) approach. An SBRI will fund 100% of eligible costs up to the maximum of £300k per project for Phase 1. The minimum cost per project for Phase 1 is £50k. For Phase 2, the maximum funding available per project is £6m.

You must register to be entered into Phase 1 Feasibility Study by 12 noon BST, 2 August 2021, the online registration form will be closed after this time. There is no obligation on you to submit an application if you register.

Submission of Application: The full application for the Competition must be submitted online by the deadline: 12 noon BST, 9 August 2021. The online application form will be closed for submissions after this time.

Eligibility criteria can be found in Section 4 Eligibility for Funding Pg18 
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