Rushlight Show and Awards Party- London

25th January
8.00 AM - 8.00 PM


The Rushlight Show and Awards Party will take place on Thursday 25 January 2018 at The Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR. Any company nominated for an award at the Show will receive a FREE project evaluation with the Granted team to discover which grants they may be eligible for.

Event sponsors: Innovate UK, BEIS, Flanders Investment & Trade, Carbon Limiting Technologies, Sage, Granted Consultancy, Venner Shipley and Smith & Williamson


The agenda for the day is as follows:

8.00 to 10.30UK Energy Breakfast & Seminar

9.00 to 10.00Exhibition

10.30 to 12.45Cleantech Conference, Sustainable Solutions Market Panel and Resourceful Conference

12.45 to 14.15Lunch, Exhibition, Investor Walkabout and Networking

14.15 to 17.00Cleantech Conference and Resourceful Conference

17.00Show ends and registration for the Rushlight Awards Party begins

The Show comprises:

1. An Exhibition of over 120 of the latest innovations in cleantech, including a number of entrants to the Rushlight Awards and the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Round 4 Showcase.

2. The Cleantech Conference, including the Innovation Showcase of some 40 companies presenting their cutting edge new technologies, with input from BEIS and Innovate UK.

3.The Resourceful Conference, in association with LCRN and the Circular Economy Club, which this year highlights some of the main innovations and looks at the progress and key issues in rolling out the circular economy.

4. The Sustainable Solutions Market Panel, where cleantech companies present their market-ready products and services directly to a panel of leading sustainability and procurement representatives.

5. UK Energy breakfast seminar, which will set out the current state of play in the UK energy system and provide a platform for BEIS to present their strategy to address the trilemma and achieve the binding targets for renewables.

More information on the Rushlight website

This event is for:

organisations that are developing and deploying clean innovations and technologies
sustainability practitioners, heads of procurement, business owners and others looking to adopt clean technologies and manage their organisation’s environmental footprint proactively
investors and financiers in clean technologies, renewables energy and resource projects and companies
firms advising cleantech developers and deployers
social entrepreneurs and local community project participants
local authorities and government departments
analysts, media and other participants of the sector