A prosperous month for Granted clients

The Granted Team have been working with a range of exceptional clients since the beginning of 2018 and have managed to successfully secure £1M of grant funding this June alone. Covering multiple sectors, we’ve helped companies at the forefront of innovation through the process of achieving a successful grant application, including funding for Health & Life Sciences (Innovate UK), Emerging & Enabling Technologies (Innovate UK) and RDPE (Rural Development Programme for England).

With grant funding awarded to innovative products, processes and services, all of our successful clients will be able make a start on achieving their goals by disrupting markets. Some of the successful applications we have helped secure this month include AI technologies to resolve deficiencies in education, treatment for livestock to reduce the use of antibiotics and technology in food production automation. By winning grant funding these clients are able to scale their ambitious ideas into reality in a much shorter time-frame – and grant funding is debt-free and equity-free.

The Granted Team work incredibly hard to make sure your grant application stands the best chance of being approved, so we are delighted with the outcome of the latest applications.

Why use grant funding experts?

There are many different factors that will improve your chance of grant funding success. Here at Granted, we know where to find suitable funding, how to access it successfully and how to use it to best effect. And our sector expertise and ability to upskill at pace in new technology sectors has enabled us to work with a wide variety of companies, from start-ups to blue-chip multi nationals, in all economic sectors. So if you have an ambitious project or innovation, why not Contact us? A brief chat with one of our grant writing experts will help you discover if grant funding could get your project off the ground.

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