03.05.22 Know-how

Assembling a project team for a grant application

A fundamental aspect to consider when looking to secure grant funding for your innovation project is assembling the right project team to grab a funder’s attention. Often, the people involved in the project are just as critical as the innovation itself.

Selecting the right expertise, project roles, advisors, testing or pilot trial partners and non-project support staff can have a very real and dramatic effect on how you are scored in a grant application process.

When assembling your team, it is vital to think about this from two perspectives.

  • Firstly, what do the project’s resource and skill requirements look like?
  • Secondly, do you need to bring in additional support on any aspects?


Additional support will always look better if you are enhancing an existing capability, for example; an engineer on an AI project.

An internal project team that has defined roles and project duties to perform shows strong familiarity, delegation and good planning.

Ad-hoc advisors can provide technical or commercial input to the project from a specialist point of view, for example reviewing reports or research to ensure they are accurate.

An advisory board can provide added weight from the perspective of an investor, or alternatively represent various relevant specialisms such as medical regulations or the commercial strategy itself.

Where possible trialling with end-users shows a commitment and determination to be customer-centric and prove your innovation’s effectiveness; plus having supply-chain partners involved in your project is often looked upon favourably, as it demonstrates a solidified relationship.

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