Joint Report provides clarity on future of H2020 programme

Amongst the many concerns raised by the Brexit vote, a key question for a number of our clients has been “How will Brexit affect our ability to apply for and secure European Grant Funding?” On 28th February, we received some clarity on what Brexit would mean for European funding, in particular the H2020 programme, with the publication of the” Joint Report” by The European Commission which sets out how the Brexit deal agreement might look.

Concerns that Britains’ exit from the EU in May 2019 would signal the end of Horizon 2020 funding have been dismissed as this draft legal text confirmed that UK companies can apply for H2020 funds until the end of the programme. This extends anticipated deadlines from May 19 to October 2020 for Phase 2 applications (€500k-€2.5m) and November 2020 for Phase 1 applications (€50k).

Tom Kennard, Granted Director states:

“This is welcome news for our many clients who have been unsure whether to apply for European grant funding during 2018. As the UK and the EU fully intend that the UK’s eligibility for Horizon 2020 will remain unchanged for the duration of the programme, we would encourage UK businesses involved in research and innovation to continue applying for Horizon 2020 funding and participating in Horizon 2020 projects, whilst at the same time scanning UK funding as it ramps up to plug the potential post-2020 gap.”

The document, published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, can be viewed here: uk_participation_h2020 (2)

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