Grant Funding Training Programme

To kick start Granted Consultancy’s 10-year celebration, we have recently released a new service to further support innovative companies in their journey to successfully securing grant funding.

Our comprehensive training programme provides a range of Grant Funding Training options that are flexible to the needs of your organisation and will add real value (skills, knowledge and confidence) to your team.

Learning about technologies and translating the information into a language the funders can understand is something we have specialised in since 2010. By using our tailored Grant Funding Training Programme your company will:

• Maximise chances of securing grant funding
• Equip team members with the knowledge they require to identify suitable grants
• Provide your team with a way to strategically plan and prepare for grant funding
• Familiarise your team through the application and award process
• Provide insight into what makes up a successful R&D grant application

Having been exposed to the grant funding landscape for 10 years now, you can be assured that our training courses are delivered by experienced and active grant writers with empathy for busy teams seeking smart, incisive information. If you would like to know more about our Grant Funding Training Programme, then please get in touch.

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