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ISCF: Prospering from the energy revolution

“Around 80 per cent of global energy use still comes from fossil fuels. To preserve a safe and stable climate, this has to change, fast. Countries all over the world are moving to renewable energy, with investment more than doubling over the last decade.But for the majority of our energy to be clean and affordable, we need much more intelligent systems. Smart systems can link energy supply, storage and use, and join up power, heating and transport to increase efficiency dramatically. By developing these world-leading systems in the UK, we can cut bills while creating high-value jobs for the future.” (Innovate UK).

ISCF Overview

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund aims to bring together the UK’s world-leading research with business to meet the major industrial and societal challenges of our time. The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund provides funding and support to UK businesses and researchers. The fund is part of the UK government’s £4.7 billion increase in research and development over 4 years to 2021
It is designed to ensure that research and innovation takes centre stage in the government’s Industrial Strategy.

Granted Insights

Smart energy systems can intelligently link energy supply, storage and use, and power heating and transport in ways that dramatically improve efficiency. It’s a huge market opportunity, with $2 trillion a year estimated to be invested in global energy infrastructure.

The government is enabling the UK to take advantage of this by funding industry and researchers to create new systems. They will provide cleaner, cheaper energy while creating high-value jobs for the UK.

Up to £102.5 million will be invested by the government in industry and researchers to develop smart systems that can support the global movement to renewable energy. Assisting the UK in meeting its air quality targets at lower investment costs, avoid power cuts and ensure its compliance with the fifth carbon budget (from 2028).

There will be multiple opportunities to run through the energy revolution challenge, such as:

• Demonstrator projects (These will build capabilities in the supply chain and create positive changes for energy consumers.
• Design projects (whole-system design projects that develop novel concepts for energy provision and create a pipeline for the future.)
• Innovation accelerator fund (The fund will develop and help commercialise smart local energy system products and services and capitalise on the best international opportunities.)
• Research and integration services (This inter-disciplinary research programme will work alongside the Energy Systems Catapult to provide coordination and technical support to demonstration and design projects.)

These actions are designed to address national and international commitments to tackle climate change and put the UK at the forefront of renewable energy innovation.

Grant Funding Success: Knowledge & Network

There is no substitute for talking to the funders, understanding their drivers and getting a definition of the kind of projects & companies they are looking to award grant funding to. The grant funding landscape is ever-shifting with subtle changes in focus and preferences influenced by macro and micro factors. We will continue to bring insights in an attempt to maximise the chance of securing grant funding for our clients.

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