ISFC Healthy Ageing

ISCF Overview

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund aims to bring together the UK’s world-leading research with business to meet the major industrial and societal challenges of our time. The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund provides funding and support to UK businesses and researchers. The fund is part of the UK government’s £4.7 billion increase in research and development over 4 years to 2021. It is designed to ensure that research and innovation take centre stage in the government’s Industrial Strategy.

ISCF: Healthy Ageing

As part of the Healthy Ageing ISCF, the government intends to invest up to £98m to create new consumer products and services underpinned by technology. Research and innovation commissioned through the Healthy Ageing challenge will support people in the UK to remain healthy, active, productive, independent and connected to their communities into old age.

Later this year, UK Research and Innovation will launch two competitions:

1. To develop a programme of demonstrator sites to combine multiple innovations into new products and services and demonstrate their use at scale.
2. A research programme to address social, behaviour and design issues associated with developing and scaling products and services for healthy ageing.

The fund aims to kick-start the development of products and services for the ageing consumer and to engage with industry sectors from property to product design and from software to sports.

There will be opportunities for UK-based researchers and businesses. The challenge will fund:

1. Research programmes – specifically behavioural science and design for an ageing population.
2. Collaborative research and development – targeting early-stage innovations that focus on digital healthcare and older adults.
3. Demonstrator projects – the fund will create 3 demonstrator projects to trial how innovations can work in real life, develop and scale-up new products and services.

Granted Insights

The UK is getting older as a country. One in 12 people today are over 75-years-old. By 2040, it’s thought this will be around 1 in 7. We’re also living for longer. A third of children born this year are expected to live to be 100. And, therefore, the government is interested in keeping the population active, productive and independent for longer. The focus of the funding is to: 1) help people to live independently in their own homes, 2) identify problems to treat them earlier, 3) tackle loneliness, 4) increase independence and wellbeing.

The programme aims to invest in and tackle some of the toughest medical challenges facing society today. Up to £98million will be invested in research and innovation that supports people as they age and their carers’. This challenge will get businesses working on ideas that allow people to live better and independently for longer, building on the research that comes out of academic institutions, research and technology organisations and hospitals. It represents an opportunity to revolutionise the way we age, with products and services that give everyone the best chance to continue to be active and independent.

Household income has changed; 70% of UK wealth is held by those aged over 50. The largest segment of Apple Watch owners is aged 55+ and the only growing smartphone market is the over 60s. Ageing is increasingly becoming good business.

Grant Funding Success: Knowledge & Network

There is no substitute for talking to the funders, understanding their drivers and getting a definition of the kind of projects & companies they are looking to award grant funding to. The grant funding landscape is ever-shifting with subtle changes in focus and preferences influenced by macro and micro factors. We will continue to bring insights in an attempt to maximise the chance of securing grant funding for our clients.

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