UK Businesses to register with the Government if they have secured EU grant funding

If you have secured Horizon 2020 grant funding, have you registered your details with the UK government to make sure you receive funding for the full duration of your project?

The government has stated all businesses successful in securing funding in Horizon 2020 bids before the UK exits the EU will be guaranteed to receive funding for the full duration of their project. However, all successful business must register their details with the government to continue to receive their funding if the UK leaves with no deal.

The registration process is being managed by UK Research and Innovation and requires you to submit basic information to ensure you are informed of the next steps if the government needs to underwrite Horizon 2020 funding.

How to register

To register you need to:

access the portal
• enter details of the type of organisation: business; research; research and technology organisation; or public sector, charity or non Je-S registered research organisation
• enter contact details
• enter funding details, including grant agreement number and participant identification code
• once submitted, applicants will receive an email from the UKRIgrants team confirming registration to the portal and afterwards will automatically receive subsequent updates. For organisations in receipt of multiple grants, a spreadsheet is available to submit them in bulk. Please email

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