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UK Infrastructure Grant Funding

“The way we create our buildings has not changed substantially in 40 years and needs a drastic overhaul if it is to deliver the buildings that the UK needs. Construction is currently expensive, and too many buildings waste energy. We need to transform construction so that we can create affordable places to live and work that are, safer, healthier and use less energy. By taking a lead in the UK, we can also increase our ability to export: global demand for efficient buildings is rising rapidly, due to the pressures of urbanisation, affordability, and the need to cut emissions.” (Innovate UK)

ISCF Overview

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund aims to bring together the UK’s world-leading research with business to meet the major industrial and societal challenges of our time. The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund provides funding and support to UK businesses and researchers. The fund is part of the UK government’s £4.7 billion increase in research and development over 4 years to 2021

It is designed to ensure that research and innovation takes centre stage in the government’s Industrial Strategy.

Key objectives of Infrastructure R&D funding:

1. Encourage an increase in digital approaches for new construction projects
2. Increase the productivity of construction projects. Target: 15% over current methods
3. Develop new, scalable methods that speed up construction and provide greater certainty about budgets and timing. Target: 50% reduction in time from inception to completion from 2010 baseline.
4. Develop integrated building components that generate, manage and store energy, to bring the down the cost of active buildings Target: closer to market cost for the standard component.
5. Reduce construction costs and whole-life costs of built assets. Target: 33% reduction against 2010 baseline.
6. Improve the whole-life value and safety of built assets (user performance), including a reduction in carbon intensity. Target: 50%.

Granted insights

The ISCF conference on Transforming Construction; which is part of the Clean Growth Grand Challenge in the Industrial Strategy, brought together the construction, manufacturing, energy and digital sectors. The clear goals this challenge intends to tackle are the 3 main elements of the lifecycle costs of buildings.

Some key takeaways from this conference include:
• The fund prioritises cross-sector collaboration and the use of various digital technologies to solve the construction industry challenges.
• There is significant focus on government housing, schools, and hospitals construction projects
• Projects that focus on reducing the labor-intensive requirements in construction, schedule optimisation and increasing the energy performance of newly constructed buildings, will be prioritised
• Projects that result in the building of new supply chains and involving multi-disciplinary solutions through digital, IoT, energy, manufacturing and construction project management.
• Projects should be aimed at improving outcomes of the construction industry within the UK, rather than internationally.
• Proposals must be led by a UK based for-profit business.

Grant Funding Success: Knowledge & Network

There is no substitute for talking to the funders, understanding their drivers and getting a definition of the kind of projects & companies they are looking to award grant funding to. The grant funding landscape is ever-shifting with subtle changes in focus and preferences influenced by macro and micro factors. We will continue to bring insights in an attempt to maximise the chance of securing grant funding for our clients.

Current funding available in the Infrastructure sector:

Increase productivity, performance, and quality in UK construction

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