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Accelerated Knowledge Transfer 3 (AKT3)

Fund Name

Accelerated Knowledge Transfer 3 (AKT3) 2024

Project Length

2-4 months

Project Value




The Innovate UK Accelerated Knowledge Transfer (AKT) scheme will support a Knowledge Base partner to work with their Business Partner, to deliver a short, rapid and targeted intervention. This intervention will accelerate the evaluation or development of an innovation project or concept, with the potential for a significant impact on the Business Partner.

Projects must be in circular fashion thematic area.

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Fund details

Projects can be for any kind of project and must show:

  • why the business needs this Accelerated Knowledge Transfer (AKT) project
  • how the project will accelerate access to Knowledge Base expertise and evaluate or develop an innovative idea for the Business Partner
  • how it will stimulate demand within the Business Partner to deliver further innovations and accelerate delivery through partnership with the UK’s Knowledge Base


The Knowledge Base partner must be eligible to register to participate in the KTP programme but does not have to be registered with KTP.

Each Innovate UK AKT project will establish a new partnership or consolidate an existing collaboration between the Knowledge Base and the Business Partner through knowledge exchange activity.

The application must be submitted by the Knowledge Base partner but will be developed in partnership with the Business Partner. The Knowledge Base will be the sole grant recipient.

Projects must run for two, three or four months only. The maximum grant will be £35,000 per project. The Business Partner must contribute 10% (minimum) of the total project costs in cash. There is no upper limit to the cash contribution of the business.

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