Download The 2020 Grant Report

The Grant Report 2020 utilises Granted Consultancy’s wealth of knowledge to provide insight for prospective applicants and their advisors across the Grant Funding and Tax Credit landscapes.


The report has been authored by Granted Consultancy to provide the most comprehensive commentary on non-dilutive funding and a detailed analysis of the grant funding landscape including who gets funding, how much funding they receive, even which regions attract the most funding.

This report will be a useful tool for innovative companies wanting to understand the distribution of R&D funding and how grant funding can accelerate the commercialisation of R&D projects.

Our report’s analysis draws upon a range of datasets gathered from publicly available sources supplemented by Granted Consultancy’s proprietary databases. These have been built through a decade of supporting businesses in their efforts to secure grant funding, to inform our clients regarding strategy development and the tactics necessary to successfully secure grant funding (and to maximise its impact).

Grant Report