The Digital Sector

One of the biggest advances in the last two decades has been the continuous emergence of new, disruptive digital technologies, revolutionising how we interact with the world. Digital technology encompasses a wide spectrum of technologies, including Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, cybersecurity and virtual and augmented reality. The most recent emergence being Blockchain technology, and its potential for redefining currencies, supply chains, and digital assets.

Digital technology is one of the key driving forces behind economic growth, providing almost 2 million jobs in the UK and growing year-on-year turnover by over 20%. The highly scalable nature of digital has seen grant funders keen to unlock the vast potential of these technologies, creating opportunities to expand to global markets and bring significant export benefits to the UK.

Grant Funding Priorities

UK and EU Grant Funders are keen to support projects innovating in:

  • machine learning and AI
  • cybersecurity
  • data analytics or ‘big data’
  • distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain
  • the Internet of Things
  • immersive media, such as virtual or augmented reality
  • 5G: innovative applications and services using enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliability, low latency or massive machine type communications

Working with Granted

Funding opportunities are focused on using the latest technology to address key economic, social and environmental challenges. Examples include AUTTO, a tech start-up set to deliver an innovative and accessible workflow automation solution for the legal sector incorporating AI technology, and Meshnet, an IoT company developing a unique Mesh Network for collecting remote sensor data.

Whether you are a start-up, or a large company, Granted have a long history of writing grant applications for innovative organisations. Our dedication to supporting exciting businesses in unlocking their goals, means we strive to stay up to date with the latest developments across a number of industries and apply this knowledge with our expertise in crafting compelling funding applications.

If you have an innovative business in this sector, and want to explore the potential for grant funding, we would like to support you in unlocking your goals.

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Featured funding opportunities

Below are just some of the current funding opportunities. Please contact us to see if there are others.

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