Grants for the Cleantech Sector

As world economies grapple with the challenges of avoiding climate change, new ways to provide cleaner energy and reduce carbon emissions have never been more urgently needed.

The UK has been one of the leading innovators in contributing to a renewable energy and low carbon sector valued at £42.6bn and growing three times faster than the national average. These world-leading advances in a number of energy fields have seen the sector recognised as a national priority, with considerable government funding available to support innovative renewable and low carbon companies.

As outlined in its Clean Growth Strategy, in the period up to 2021 the government plans to invest over £2.5bn in research, development, and demonstration of low-carbon energy, transport, agriculture, and waste disposal. This includes a fund of £177m set aside to fund innovation in renewable energy, and numerous specialist funds to support advances in specific areas, especially wind, solar and nuclear energy, as well as carbon capture and storage.

Grant Funding Priorities

UK and EU funders are keen to support the development and demonstration of innovative technologies and/or processes in the areas of energy efficiency, power generation, and heat and energy storage.

Working with Granted

At Granted, our origins lie in the renewable energy space, supporting PV and biomass installations, and more recently working with companies such as Enlighten Energy and Minibems, a technology start-up developing an advanced demand management system for complex heating systems.

Whether you are a start-up or a large company, Granted have a long history of writing grant applications for innovative organisations. Our dedication to supporting exciting businesses in unlocking their goals, means we strive to stay up to date with the latest developments across a number of industries and apply this knowledge with our expertise in crafting compelling funding applications.

If you have an innovative business in this sector and want to explore the potential for grant funding, we would like to support you in unlocking your goals.

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Featured funding opportunities

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