The Transport Sector

Travel has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, with advances in automotive and aviation technology giving us the ability to travel faster, with more comfort and with significantly greater safety. The next stage of this technological development is set to see advances in electric and autonomous vehicles.

This rapidly evolving sector will see fast charging batteries that decrease charging times, greater battery capacity that increases vehicle range and fully autonomous systems that removes the need manual driving – why struggle to find a parking spot when your car can simply drop you off and drive home again!

Significant funding has been made in future transport technology, with the Faraday Challenge, a £246m commitment to developing battery technology, just one of a number of investments made in the sector.

Grant Funding Priorities

There was a specific seminar about the Driverless Vehicle ISCF at the Innovate UK Annual Conference where it was noted that it was not solely automotive companies involved in the funded project. In fact, 88% of applicants and project partners come from ‘other sectors’ and are bringing skills and experience into the driverless car arena.

Other specific observations made at the seminar were:

  • Cross-sector partners seem to be encouraged in the award of funding – only 12% of applicants awarded funding in the self-drive vehicle challenge are classified as operating the automotive sector. Others include insurance, parts manufacturing, technology, logistics, end users.
  • Interesting discussions about ‘pop-up manufacturing capability’ so that production can be shifted to where the demand is on a dynamic basis.
  • There is specific interest in how grant funding can amplify the UK’s position in the global driverless car technology sector
  • It was observed that validation and verification should form part of a self-drive vehicle grant application, with the potential to partner with an expert in this field

Working with Granted

At Granted, we have engaged with leading innovators in battery technology, electric vehicle component manufacturers and public transport, that have been put forward to the ever-growing number of future transport calls. This includes Ashwoods Automotive, an established motor manufacture developing lighter and more efficient permanent magnet electric motors.

Whether you are a start-up or a large company, Granted have a long history of writing grant applications for innovative organisations. Our dedication to supporting exciting businesses in unlocking their goals, means we strive to stay up to date with the latest developments across a number of industries and apply this knowledge with our expertise in crafting compelling funding applications.

If you have an innovative business in this sector and want to explore the potential for grant funding, we would like to support you in unlocking your goals.

To understand how we work, please see our services page.

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