The Infrastructure Sector

The world is becoming more urbanised and integrated than ever before, with infrastructure within our living environment becoming increasingly important, including systems for the reduction of emissions and increasing of power generation.

The smart infrastructure and resilient systems market will be worth £1.2tn by 2025 and will have a significant effect on the future of the UK economy. As part of this market, there are numerous opportunities for disruptive innovations that will improve quality of life, ensure sustainable economic growth and reduce environmental impact.

Innovation within infrastructure systems often sees the integration of numerous technology fields to create intelligent and sustainable mobility for urban systems and low-carbon energy solutions. The use of digital (specifically IoT), communications, and sensors have led to advances in urban connectivity and more is to follow.

Current funding for infrastructure systems is prioritised for projects focused on smart infrastructure, urban living, energy (energy systems, nuclear fission, and offshore wind) and connected transport. The goal, to stimulate innovation that provides critical services for the UK economy, environment and society.