UK Manufacturing & Materials Sector

Innovation in manufacturing and materials has resulted in the development of more efficient and faster processes, new materials that ease manufacturing and advanced materials for improved product performance. This sector is responsible for many wider economic impacts including lean production techniques, rapid prototyping, CAD, sensors, polymers, and nanomaterials.

Advanced manufacturing in the UK is thriving, with a number of UK companies highly competitive on the world stage – in particular within additive manufacturing and advanced composite materials. The growth of these sectors has seen the UK ranked 9th globally in terms of manufacturing.

The aim of grant funding in these industries is to sustain long-term competitiveness and encourage broader innovation through resource efficiency, intelligent production and the development of new materials. Advanced materials will enable people and goods to travel faster, cheaper, more safely and with less environmental impact by light-weighting, energy efficiency, enhanced functionality and improved operating lifetimes.

Granted Consultancy has supported a number of companies in applying for funds such as Innovate UK’s Materials and Manufacturing call, Manufacturing Made Smarter and H2020 Advanced Manufacturing and Processing calls., Examples of successful manufacturing projects include the development of a more efficient drive-chain technology, utilising new materials for light-weight ergonomic bike frames and the deployment of a new generation of electric vehicle tyres.

Grant Funding Priorities

UK and EU grant funders are interested to support projects innovating in:

  • smart factories (use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • connected and versatile supply-chains
  • robotics and automation
  • designing plastic solutions
  • additive manufacturing
  • nanotechnology and nanomaterials
  • coatings, thin films and surfaces
  • metals and metallurgy
  • ceramics
  • polymers
  • electronic and sensing materials
  • resource efficiency
  • assembly and joining
  • chemical and bio process
  • surface engineering
  • CAD / CAM / CAE / simulation, digital manufacturing
  • electronics manufacturing
  • sensor and instrument (design and manufacture)

Working with Granted Consultancy

Whether you are a start-up or a large company, Granted Consultancy have a long history of writing grant applications for innovative organisations. Our dedication to supporting exciting businesses in unlocking their goals, means we strive to stay up to date with the latest developments across a number of industries and apply this knowledge with our expertise in crafting compelling funding applications.

If you have an innovative business in this sector and want to explore the potential for grant funding, we would like to support you in unlocking your goals.

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