The Robotics Sector

As robotic technology is adopted for an ever-growing number of tasks across an increasing number of industries, the improved capabilities of robotics and artificial intelligence is driving a global market set to see its value grow from £42bn to £170bn by 2022.

The interest in robotics as a result of a new wave of technological development that has seen precision machines replace their large and often difficult to maintain predecessors. The incorporation of voice and language recognition, super-fast communication, advanced algorithms etc. is leading to the creation of robotic technology with far-reaching benefits. Sir James Dyson has even committed to investing $2.5bn, as part of his campus, for research into this new era of robotics and AI.

Grant funding for this sector is typically focused on addressing specific challenges, such as deep mining, nuclear energy, space and off-shore energy, but with opportunities still available for less extreme applications, including domestic and manufacturing settings. The bottom line being the UK government wants to invest in the rapidly evolving sector of robotics.