Why we do what we do


Innovative business can transform how we live and change day-to-day behaviours. We see the potential for something better, closely monitoring the landscape so we can rapidly match innovative projects to worthwhile opportunities, sharing the thrill of disruptive change whilst securing funds for those that have the conviction to ask if there’s a better way.

Our Team

All Team
Engage with a team of experts that understand the technicalities of an innovation project. We know what it takes to be successful, securing funding and then guiding, advising, and supporting you throughout your journey. Working with us provides the freedom to focus on your project and to fulfill your full potential.
Tom Kennard Director
James Griffiths Senior Funding Consultant
Jon Williams Director
Lauren Daubney Marketing Manager
Will Granger Head of Operations
Jenna Browne Business Development Manager
Elena Sundle Funding Consultant
Robert Cox Finance Manager
£100m Secured Grant Funding
25x Average ROI on Fees Paid
100% R&D Tax Credits Success Rate

Our Approach

We believe that success stems from building meaningful relationships; working together for the long term. How we do this matters too, which is why our team and ecosystem of partners act with integrity, thoughtfulness, and care working as a collective sharing in the wins, seeking to make a positive impact on your business and the world around us.

Download the 2020 Grant Report

Download Grant Report
The Grant Report 2020 utilises Granted Consultancy’s wealth of knowledge, providing insight into the distribution of R&D funding for prospective applicants and their advisors across the Grant Funding and Tax Credit landscapes.