Our Team

Our team is motivated by working with some of the most innovative and ambitious organisations in the world. The diverse range of clients we work with is a constant intellectual challenge – one that keeps us present and curious. All our team are in house and work collaboratively, increasing creativity and out of the box thinking to deliver at the highest level for our clients.
Tom Kennard Director
Jon Williams Director
Amy Wolff Head of Consultancy
Will Granger Head of Operations
Robert Cox Finance Manager
James Griffiths Grants Manager
Laura Baiges Sotos Grants Manager
Noomi Simmonds HR and Learning & Development Manager
Chris Hewat-Boyne Senior Funding Consultant
Alex Watts Marketing Specialist
Samuel Eastlund Senior Funding Consultant
Camilla Owens Senior Funding Consultant
Coralie Hassanaly Senior Funding Consultant
Lawrence Levy Senior Project Management Consultant
Chris Parkhurst Regional Development Director
James Riley Business Development Executive
Jasmine Hemmings Junior Consultant
Yash Nag Junior Funding Consultant
Nicholas Johnson Funding Consultant
Jessica Ubani Junior Project Management Consultant
Kaydee-Mae Commins Office Manager
Lindsay Biermann Junior Consultant
Davide Testa Junior Consultant
Mariska Helweg-Larsen Senior Funding Consultant
Kimberley Tucker-Hood Funding Consultant
Michael Lee Senior Funding Consultant
Daniel Hunter Funding Consultant
Abigail Render Junior Funding Consultant