Make informed decisions about your project’s development

With our GRL® Diagnostics service, you’ll benefit from:

  • Quick assessment
  • Clear strengths and weaknesses
  • Targeted intervention
  • Expert guidance

Utilising over a decade of successful grant delivery experience, we have created GRL®, a diagnostic scoring system unique to Granted that measures the grant readiness of your project, allowing for quick identification of strengths and weaknesses, and areas of focus.

How does it work?

It works by measuring your innovation across 10 scales, identifying targeted intervention measures you need to uplift to mature your project. Put simply, it uses clear language and a proven method to streamline your research & development project.


Our Approach

Our experience teaches us that successfully winning grant funding is a strategic process and our GRL® diagnostic tool ensures your projects are ‘grant ready’ and thus more likely to win funding.


What does GRL® mean?
How do I find out my Grant Readiness Level (GRL®)?

Working with Granted and their GRL® assessment tool was really valuable for Cambridge Cleantech and the Desafia London programme. The GRL® provided real insight into the potential for the programme’s high growth Spanish SMEs to understand their potential to receive grant funding as part of their UK internationalisation strategies.

Sam Goodall
Cambridge Cleantech