AiSentia Innovate UK Smart Grants Success Story


Company Sector: Healthcare AI
Project Duration: 18 months
Funding Secured: ~£350k

A computerised tomography (CT), is a diagnostic imaging procedure based on the variable absorption of x-rays by different tissues to produce cross-sectional images (called ‘slices’) of a targeted region of the patient [1]. The introduction of a contrast agent helps to distinguish selected areas of the body from the surrounding tissue, which can then be used to diagnose specific conditions.

The Market Problem

However, for patients requiring recurring scans, the repeated exposure to x-rays may be detrimental to their health. In addition, some patients may experience anaphylactic shock, rashes, or contrast-induced nephropathy, limiting the ability for their doctors to use CT scans to diagnose potential issues. Aside from patient benefits, iodinated contrast media are excreted into the toilet, entering the wastewater. Iodine is extremely difficult to remove from wastewater and is detrimental to the environment.

The Project

AiSentia is developing ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) software that would enable CT scans to be used routinely without the need for injection of contrast agents. Once developed, AiSentia will improve overall patient outcomes and standard of care delivering transformative effects. This will benefit the UK economy by opening new markets, generating revenues and investment, as well as improving the environment for future generations through the reduction of iodine in wastewater.

The Granted team supported AiSentia with a full grant writing service for their winning Innovate UK Smart Grants application. Granted utilised their combined knowledge of medical technology and AI to showcase AiSentia’s pioneering software successfully.

Client Quote

“When we looked for a grant consultant, we only looked at companies with demonstrated experience and success. While Granted clearly has both, we selected them because we felt they demonstrated another key differentiator – a vested interest in long-term partnership.”- CEO AiSentia