Autto Innovate UK’s Innovation Loans Success Story

Autto Innovation continuity loans: Strand 2 Case Study

Funding Competition: Innovation continuity loans: Strand 2
Company Sector: Tech
Project Duration: 12 months
Funding Secured: ~£740k

The Market Problem

Historically, workflow automation has focused on automating a small number of large, lengthy processes. More than 70% of medium and large legal companies still have manual contracting processes, wasting time and resources. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of automation, with 57% of UK businesses automating tasks.

The Project

AUTTO (previously ABS Technology), is a highly innovative UK SME who specialise in improving workflow efficiency for businesses and lawyers through their platform AUTTO.

AUTTO is a cloud-based SaaS subscription business where customers pay an annual or monthly subscription for access to the service, consulting and training fees. With a simple drag and drop workflow builder, AUTTO allows customers to build organisational processes in minutes. Streamlined workflows are then created helping businesses become more efficient through automation.

AUTTO sought funding to develop their product to suit the needs of SMEs in the UK service sector through a 12-month industrial research project. With the aid of Granted Consultancy’s team of grant writing professionals, AUTTO secured funding through Innovate UK’s Innovation continuity loans. The outcome of their innovation project has the potential to benefit the automation of SMEs around the world.

Client Quote

“We have worked with Granted Consultancy throughout our innovation journey from the first idea to an enterprise-ready product. The innovation loan we obtained has helped complete that final step bringing our product to market. As always Granted provide invaluable advice, expertise and service to make our bid successful.” – Ian Gosling, AUTTO Founder