CHAP (Crop Health and Protection)

Training Case Study

Company Sector: Cleantech & Agritech

Training Duration: 8 hours, over 2 days

Day 1 Training Focus: Pre-Project Planning (Modules 01-04)

Day 2 Training Focus: Project Planning (Modules 05-08)

Training Description

CHAP (Crop Health and Protection Limited) is a UK-based agritech innovation centre with a mission to advance crop productivity and yield around the world. CHAP consistently works towards building a network of leading scientists, farmers, advisors, innovators, and businesses that can work together to transform crop systems. Their innovation grant training course consisted of 8 hours of expert training and consultancy tailored to their individual needs. Day one covered pre-project planning, including topics on grant funding, project planning, market need & innovation, competition & outputs, and IP & Team. Day two covered market awareness & revenue forecasting, project planning & risks, cost & value for money, and closed with tips for success. The sessions were sector orientated to expand the CHAP team’s knowledge surrounding approaches to setting proposed transformations into action.

Client Quote

“The CHAP team found the training enjoyable and engaging; it was well delivered and suitable for the needs of our organisation. We found the content informative and as such, the lessons learned have been immediately applied to active Innovate UK submissions. Thank you!” – Dr. Ruth Bastow, CHAP: Crop Health and Protection Limited. 

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