Clin-e-cal Grant Project Management Success Story

Funding Competition: Innovate UK

Company Sector: Health & Life Sciences

Project Duration: 12 Months

Funding Secured: ~£300k

Project Description

Clin-e-cal is an innovative SME who through science, technology and clinical research have developed Sound Response® technology, designed to address significant needs in the respiratory sector. Clin-e-cal’s technology is a software platform that uses audio digital signal analysis to assess inhaler techniques. Working in partnership, with respiratory device manufacturer, Clement Clarke International, the companies have developed a smart inhaler system, which uses acoustic signals in response to a user’s inhalation. Ultimately this approach provides the opportunity to make inhalers smarter without significant economic or environmental impact. Following the completion of a project audit to assess the approach that would be most suitable, Granted took on the administrative project management for Cline-e-cal’s project. The Clin-e-cal team successfully delivered the outcomes of their R&D grant-funded project, drawing down funding in line with forecasts.

Client Quote

“The experience Granted Consultancy brought to the reporting processes was invaluable in ensuring the requirements were fulfilled and the claims were processed efficiently. The support allowed us to concentrate on the technology development which meant that we were able to achieve our aims and move towards the next stage of commercialisation” – Lizzie Crawford, Clin-e-cal, CEO. 

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