DeGould Limited Business-led Innovation in Response to Global Disruption competition

Grant Funding Consulting & Grant Project Management Case Study

Funding Competition: Business-led innovation in response to global disruption competition

Company Sector: Manufacturing

Project Duration: 6 Months

Funding Secured: £200k

Project Description

Currently, there are no automated, mobile dent-inspection solutions in the automotive market. DeGould is an award-winning innovative engineering company focused on providing intelligent inspection solutions to the automotive industry. DeGould has a strong existing network of OEM clients, including Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), BMW, Bentley and Daimler.

DeGould’s Auto-dent project is an AI-powered mobile dent detection system that can be applied to early-stage inspections in the production system. Before this project, there are no known automated, mobile dent-inspection solutions in the automotive market. This solution enables car manufacturers to safely return to operations within social distancing guidelines during the pandemic and improve quality and productivity to reduce costs in the automotive sector in the UK and beyond.

The project was successful in securing funding with the support of Granted Consultancy’s expertise. The funding was secured from Innovate UK’s Business-led innovation in response to global disruption competition, launched to support companies during the pandemic. Our team, inspired by Degould’s adaptability, quickly upskilled their knowledge of this first of a kind funding competition to ensure Degould secured the funding.

Client Quote

“We wanted to react quickly and positively with our technology to assist our OEM customers in ‘getting back to work’. Granted Consultancy were excellent at reacting quickly to qualify our needs and criteria fit, as well as deduce the correct information and pull the application together in a tight time frame. This award will allow us to accelerate our R&D and testing and fast track a viable product to market. This will have an instant and tangible benefit to our customers.” – Ed Jones, CEO of DeGould Limited. 

Grant Project Management

Once successful in securing funding, there are a number of funder reporting requirements to endure before a grant awardee receives the money. To ensure the project cash flow was streamlined, DeGould enlisted the support of Granted Consultancy’s Grant Project Management Team to successfully navigate through demanding administrative and reporting processes. Continuing the relationship from the successfully secured grant, our experts assisted DeGould with two Innovate UK project change requests, allowing them to take full advantage of the fund and finish the project with high marks from their Monitoring Officer.


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