eConsult Health Ltd SBRI Healthcare Phase 2 Success Story


Company Sector: Digital Health

Project Duration: 12 months

Funding Secured: £1m

The Market Problem

eTriage is a patient facing check in and triage platform designed to automatically triage ambulatory attendances at Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs) and Emergency Departments (EDs) into P1-P5 priority order and redirect patients to a more appropriate point of care where relevant.

The Project

Successful in the SBRI Phase 1 competition, eConsult were also successful in Phase 2 with the full Grant Writing Consultancy support of the Granted Team. Their project will:

  • Direct P5 patients to appropriate alternative services with high clinician assurance (e.g. pharmacy, self care, video/phone consultations, GP appointments) minimising UTC/ED overcrowding
  • Provide better patient prioritisation and UTC/ED preparedness, increased patient flow, safer waiting rooms, reduced wait and consultation times

Launched in 2019 and utilised across 10 sites (6 EDs and 4 UTCs) with over 500,000 digital triages conducted to date, this Phase 2 project is based on feedback from existing adopters seeking more efficient triage, improved demand management and streaming of patients.

The outcomes of this Phase 1 and 2 will enable commercial readiness and product launch, working with AHSNs, NHS Trusts, CCGs, NHS E/ I for evaluation, adoption and roll out at pace and scale.


“We re-engaged with the Granted team and built upon the good work from our Phase 1 application to prepare and successfully launch our Phase 2 application. The expertise and guidance of the Granted team throughout the process helped influence the success of our bid.” Mark Harmon, Chief Strategic Officer at eConsult Health