eConsult Health Ltd SBRI Healthcare Phase 1 Success Story

Funding Competition: SBRI Healthcare Phase 1, Round 17

Company Sector: AI, Digital & Data and Health & Life Sciences

Project Duration: 6 Months

Funding Secured: ~£100k

Project Description

eConsult Health Ltd is an SME that develops clinically led, innovative healthcare software platforms. Their eTriage platform is a patient-facing solution, triaging Priority 1-5 ambulatory attendances at Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs) and Emergency Departments (EDs). eConsult sought funding to explore the feasibility of rerouting lower priority patients attending UTCs or EDs to a more appropriate point of care, by developing the existing eTriage software platform to support this functionality. The aims of this project were based on feedback from existing adopters seeking more efficient triage, attendance avoidance, and streaming of patients. eConsult’s success in securing funding for this project meant they were able to develop the eTraige platform and reduce the demand for ED/UTC services.

Client Quote

“We engaged Granted Consultancy due to their track record of success in supporting SMEs like ourselves through the application process. The team were highly experienced, very professional and engaging and undoubtedly played a key role our Phase 1 award.” – Mark Harmon.

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