Ensign Innovate UK Smart Grants Success Story


Company Sector: Digital

Project Duration: 12 months

Funding Secured: ~£350k

The Market Problem

Construction is the largest industry in the world [1], and is currently characterised by low productivity, driven by complexity and uncertainty. Time and cost overruns in construction projects are common, with an average 79.8% cost increase [2]. Technology adoption is frustrated by a lack of relevant innovation, particularly for small- and medium-sized contractors.

The Project

Ensign will create the future of commercial contract acquisition in the construction sector for contractors of all types and sizes through their software project, Auto-Price. Auto-Price will be the world’s first productivity solution offering fully automated AI blueprint takeoff and fully integrated live-pricing software.

The software will provide much-needed confidence and certainty, resulting in on-time and on-cost delivery to enhance construction sector profitability. This AI-based programme will flip the current labour split on its head, and allow 80%+ of tasks currently done by people resources to be completed by Auto-Price, freeing up time for more productive tasks requiring human intervention (e.g. commercial quotation approval).

The Granted team supported Ensign with a full grant writing service for their fund-winning Innovate UK Smart Grants application. The ~£350k they secured will allow them to build a ground-breaking programme, revolutionising blueprint take-off and estimation in the construction industry. 


“We are excited to have secured a grant through Innovate UK with the support of the Granted team. They were extremely knowledgeable in translating our innovation into a winning application, taking the full application development process off my hands.”- Jonathan Goulstine, MD at Ensign 




[1] https://myice.ice.org.uk/ICEDevelopmentWebPortal/media/Documents/News/ICE%20News/Global-Construction-press-release.pdf

[2] https://www.ice.org.uk/media/vmhdu4jc/ice-report-reducing-the-gap-between-cost-estimates-and-outturns-for-major-infrastructure-projects-and-programmes.pdf