Entec Nutrition ISCF Transforming Food Production Success Story

Funding Competition: ISCF Transforming Food Production

Company Sector: Cleantech & Agritech

Project Duration: 12 Months

Funding Secured: £200k

Project Description

Designing a highly efficient production facility for insect-based products.
Entec Nutrition’s project entails the exploration of the intrinsic science behind insect nutrition applied to animal feed, investigating efficient food production methodologies and integrating technology to propose a high-tech, bespoke insect rearing facility that is completely aligned to the market needs. The development of the project has the potential to position the UK as a leader in using insect feed to lower the cost of production and the environmental impact of the poultry and aquaculture industries.

Client Quote

“Granted Consultancy assisted us in the development of the grant application for the transforming food production competition, in which we were successful. The grant funding has enabled us to advance in the development of our insect farming project to put Entec Nutrition at the forefront of the industry.” – Dr. Olivia Champion, Founder and CEO of Entec Nutrition. 

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