Hausbots wall-climbing paint technology

Company: Hausbots
Company Sector: Manufacturing, Mobility & Materials – Robotics
Competition: Robotics for a More Resilient Future R&D strand
Funding Secured: ~£200k

The Market Problem

Did you know painting is the 5th most dangerous job in the UK? Painters are at risk of falling from height and experiencing health conditions, including repetitive strain injury and contact dermatitis as well as long-term exposure to hazardous materials.

The Project

With application methods barely changed since paint was invented, Hausbots are transforming the industry with their wall-climbing, paint applicator technology, that disrupts project delivery within the painting, decorating and damp-proofing industries.

Their application was successful in Innovate UK’s Robotics for a more resilient future R&D strand. Post-success the Granted team supported Hausbots with Grant Project Management support to guarantee the accuracy of critical project reporting. 

Our Support

Once you have been successful with a grant it is important to remain compliant with Innovate UK’s reporting requirements to ensure the smooth running of essential cash flow to the live project and also put your company in a good position to secure follow-on grant funding. 

Our team successfully supported Hausbots through the Innovate UK due diligence process, Q1 Quarterly Reporting and the Final Project Report. This support meant Hausbots could fulfil the potential of their innovation and have now completed their world-first project exploring hardware and software enhancements covering precision painting to deliver safety, productivity and financial advantages to Painters, Contractors and Clients.

Client Quote

We are thrilled to have successfully completed our Innovate UK grant-funded project. With the support of the Granted PM team, the funds for our project ran smoothly. The team are  extremely knowledgeable of the grant processes, and saved us many hours of work due to their extensive experience with the management of Innovate UK grants.” Jack Cornes, CEO and Co-Founder at Hausbots