Grant Funding Consultancy Case Study

Funding Competition: Innovate UK Smart Grants 21

Company Sector: Health and Life Sciences/ Fintech

Project Duration: 12 months

Funding Secured: ~£350k

Project Description

HealthMoni is a new SME with connections throughout the UK’s financial and care sectors. Their innovation project consists of the development of an embedded finance platform with innovative user tools for personalised care and direct payments, meeting the needs of local authorities, carers, and end-users.

Direct payments provide more flexibility over how care and support are arranged and provided. For example, if someone needed to buy a wheelchair, instead of just being given a wheelchair, they are given the money to buy one for themselves. However, this comes with a lot of administrative responsibilities. Unlike existing processes, HealthMoni’s software will deliver a single direct payment management platform superseding the existing siloed processes, producing new protocols through rigorous research.

By moving away from paper-based or traditional digital record-keeping, their successfully grant-funded innovation will reduce the administrative burden on users, carers, and local authorities, unlocking the benefits of direct payments for all stakeholders.

HealthMoni Quote- Howard Allen

“I have worked with a number of people in Granted along the application process and in the due diligence and project set up phases. It is what I could describe as a “reassuring pleasure”. Not many people have capital raising experience but I am lucky enough to have more than most. However, the specifics of grant funding really need competent experienced support and Granted are fantastic at delivering this. I can’t speak too highly of the team”.