MediaSense Innovate UK Smart Grants Success Story


Company Sector: Digital
Project Duration: 12 months
Funding Secured: ~£300k

The Market Problem

Media is a complex landscape to navigate, it is often difficult for brands to measure and establish value-for-money along their digital media supply-chain. Part of the reason for this is that current industry auditing offerings are retrospective, unable to collate, quantify and interpret media campaign data in real-time.

The Project

MediaSense is developing a next generation version of its successful Digital Performance Analytics tool (DiPA) so it can analyse digital media campaign data in real-time. This will include the evaluation of global media data at scale to identify and propose strategies for media optimisation, alongside KPI and media planning reviews, ensuring campaign goals are aligned with overall brand media objectives and ensure true value-for-money.

The Granted team supported MediaSense with a full grant writing service for their successful Innovate UK Smart Grants application. As part of their grant funded project, MediaSense will also develop new methods of measurement to offset the industry loss of third-party cookie data and establish a more reliable and accurate method of analysing campaign data between media auditing companies and digital media execution platforms.

With the funding to accelerate their innovation development, MediaSense is fast becoming a leader within the media measurement industry.

Client Quote

“Granted was our partner of choice because of their demonstrated track record of success. The team was extremely knowledgeable about the process of developing a successful application and we are delighted to have secured the grant funding to enable further innovation development.”- Allan Stuart, Director, Data and Technology at MediaSense