Modern Baker

Grant Funding Consultancy Case Study

Funding Competition: Innovate UK’s Optimising Food competition

Company Sector: Health & Life Sciences

Funding Secured: ~£700k in total, catalysing over £1m of R&D investment

Project Description

Modern Baker is the UK’s first healthy baking company committed to improving the quality of dietary carbohydrates. This SME has unique expertise in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of artisanal organic sourdough products that have been optimised to be actively good for human digestion, especially gut health. With Granted Consultancy’s support, Modern Baker has successfully developed an innovative portfolio of products, underpinned by novel production processes and is well-positioned for explosive future growth.

Initially, Granted Consultancy helped Modern Baker develop its non-dilutive funding strategy and build a robust technology development roadmap. This included securing multiple micro-funds and SME tax credits to assist this pivotal proof-of-market research. Using its deep understanding of Modern Baker’s innovation plan, Granted Consultancy’s team identified suitable candidate funds for Modern Baker that would maximise its likelihood of success in securing funds for product development. Granted Consultancy worked closely with Modern Baker to bring on board collaborative partners and developed a compelling project proposition. This culminated in securing significant grant funding from Innovate UK’s Optimising Food competition.

Our team continued to support Modern Baker in building a robust portfolio of market-leading products, underpinned by non-dilutive funding. Over Granted Consultancy and Modern Baker’s five-year relationship, around £700k of non-dilutive funding has been secured, catalysing over £1m of R&D investment.

Client Quote

“We would have genuinely struggled to pull together the funding behind our 4-year R&D programme without the support of Granted Consultancy. Their team’s knowledge of the life sciences industry and the grant funding landscape were instrumental in helping us shape all of our five successive applications – to date. The grant process is at times seemingly impenetrable, but not to Granted Consultancy, their impact on our business has been seminal” – Leo Campbell, Modern Baker, Co-Founder. 

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