Grant Funding Consulting Case Study

Funding Competition: The Global Challenges Research Fund

Company Sector: Cleantech & Agritech

Project Duration: 6 Months

Funding Secured: ~£100k

Project Description

NatureMetrics is an award-winning technology company leading the way with cutting edge environmental DNA (eDNA) techniques for monitoring biodiversity. NatureMetrics are able to generate accurate species lists for an area which can then be used to quantify and monitor biodiversity over time – offering a solution to track progress towards targets such as Net Positive Impact. NatureMetrics were seeking to roll out their eDNA solution which identifies and measures biodiversity levels in water systems, by collaborating with local laboratories, communities and NGOs. The solution promotes job creation, with no biodiversity training required. It also provides scientific evidence to stakeholders developing ‘Action Plans’ for preservation and restoration. The success of NatureMetrics application allowed them to start building initial reference databases for local animal groups in collaboration with local universities, community groups and stakeholders.

Client Quote

“NatureMetrics are grateful for the input and advice we received from Granted. We’re looking forward to making a lasting positive impact on the environment and regional conservation efforts as well as on the lives of the communities that depend on these natural resources. The prospects for innovation and future engagement with stakeholders looks bright!” – NatureMetrics DNA-Based Monitoring.

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