New Motion Labs Innovate UK Smart Grants Success Story


Company Sector: Manufacturing and materials 

Project Duration: 12 months

Funding Secured: ~£400k

The Market Problem

One of the biggest fundamental problems in mechanical engineering is making large mechanical power transfer over a large surface area possible without damage to other components. 

What Is Mechanical Power Transmission?

Mechanical power transmission refers to the transfer of mechanical energy (physical motion) from one component to another [1].

The Project

New Motion Labs is developing the biggest breakthrough in mechanical power transfer in over a century, the ability to transfer power on both sides of a sprocket tooth, also known as Dual Engagement enabling lightweight and efficient mechanised motion. This new innovation can be used on anything that is run using a traditional chain drive system or any other drive-train power transfer technology (e.g. electric motors in cars, conveyors, elevators, aircraft, etc.). 

Their technology has the potential to substantially increase cargo e-bikes viability, reducing energy consumption, repair costs and maintenance downtime. The technology can handle higher peak forces/stresses (higher-wear end) generated from electric acceleration in heavier cargo e-bikes.

In partnership with Oxwash and the University of Bath, New Motion Labs will create its new ‘Enduo’ prototype for cargo e-bikes. Re-imagining the sprocket tooth profile to enable a conventional roller-chain to undergo dual-engagement results in two rollers being in contact at the same time, reducing movement between the chain-drive and sprocket, and providing less surface-contact. This allows for more durability and higher efficiency. Enduo has the potential to revolutionise transmission efficiency, wear performance and mechanical-parts lifetimes.

Our team supported New Motion Labs in securing their Innovate UK Smart Grant through our full grant writing service. The team showcased New Motion Lab’s innovative transmission system, ‘Enduo’, alongside a revolutionary step-change in energy-efficiency, lifetime and durability for cargo e-bikes.

Client Quote

“Granted were exceptionally professional, insightful and committed to making the grant application a success and we are very happy to have partnered with them on multiple successful grant applications.”- Marcel Fowler, Founder and Director of Innovation at New Motion Labs 



Mechanical Power Transmission