OsteoWeld Surgical Innovate UK Smart Grants Success Story

Funding Competition: Innovate UK Smart Grants

Company Sector: Health & Life Sciences

Project Duration: 15 Months

Funding Secured: ~£300k

Project Description

OsteoWeld Surgical Ltd are a highly innovative SME, whose technical expertise have enabled them to develop a degradable ultrasonic-driven suturing implant solution: SutureWeld. One of the main challenges associated with surgical knot-tying is tension transfer to the knot through the instrumentation, resulting in slippage or rupture. SutureWeld addresses this issue by providing a solution that reduces suturing procedures, minimises complications, patient discomfort, and removes the need for knots. OsteoWeld was able to secure funding, with the help of Granted Consultancy, that will allow them to progress their game-changing suturing implant to market. There are currently no other similar solutions in the market that provide the same level of suture fixation strength and stability.

Client Quote

“The Granted Consultancy Team have been both knowledgeable and professional throughout our working relationship. We engaged Granted to assist in an Innovate UK SMART award application to further develop some existing technology that we wanted to commercialise. With their advice and assistance, we were able to complete a successful application, the process allowed us to focus our strategy relating to our product development plans and encouraged us to establish an Academic Partnership with the University of Birmingham. We found the post-award support to be insightful and informative, with experienced personnel guiding & supporting us with the process. Highly recommended to support any organisation through a complex grant application process.” – Simon Mifsud, CEO at OsteoWeld Surgical Ltd. 

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