Panivox Next Generation Media Success Story

Funding competition: Innovate UK Smart Grants: January 2022
Company Sector:
Interactive User-Generated Content Platform
Funding Secured: ~£500k

The Market Problem

User-created content has grown immensely since the inception of social media (Global Digital Content Creation market size valued at £8.23bn). Within this market, consumers increasingly demand rich media combining pictures, videos, voices, and music – even better if it can be voice-controlled. However, creating and distributing such experiences is challenging, expensive, time-consuming, and requires tailoring for different devices.

The Project

Panivox has developed RichCast, a rich media platform and app for playing, creating, sharing, and publishing interactive titles – no code required. The Panivox team has a proven track record in business and software development and has made great strides in the right direction already. With the support of the Granted team, it hopes to demonstrate the benefits of RichCast in education and show applications in business and everyday life.

Our Support

The Granted team supported Panivox with a full grant writing service for their winning Innovate UK Smart Grants application. Post-success, the Granted team supported Panivox with Grant Project Management support to guarantee the accuracy of critical project reporting, including drafting the Exploitation Plan, navigating Finance Queries, and assisting with Project Forecasting to ensure a smooth cash flow to the project.

Following Panivox’s Grant Offer Letter and the project going live, the team also drafted the Project Plan and Kick-Off Presentation and attended the Project Kick-Off meeting with the Monitoring Officer. This support has ensured that Panivox remains compliant with the funder requirements allowing their team to focus on developing their world-leading innovation.

Client Quote

I knew that applying for a SMART Grant was going to be highly competitive. Whilst we had a good proposition, I’m aware that there’s a skill to completing a great grant application, and those that do this for a career are going to be far better than me doing it for the first time. I was right – Granted helped produce a winning application that I’m sure we’d have not secured without them.

Post success, the Granted team continued to support us with critical due diligence and project kick-off to ensure a smooth start to the funded project. I can highly recommend their service and wouldn’t want to compete in a grant application up against theirs.” -Dr Philip Oliver, CEO and Co-Founder Panivox.