Play Consulting Innovate UK Smart Grants Success Story

Funding Competition: Innovate UK Smart Grants

Company Sector: AI, Digital & Data

Funding Secured: £400k (over two Innovate UK grant applications)

Project Description

Play Consulting is a leading UK-based development house, specialising in aligning unique gamification approaches that help individuals make great decisions and build positive behaviours with cutting-edge platform development. One such product is Totem, a Culture platform which Play Consulting began to build in 2016. Totem is a unique culture insights platform aimed at addressing the gaps in UK and global organisations workplace metrics through the application of advanced machine learning, sentiment analysis and gamification techniques. The development of Totem enables organisations of all sizes to understand their team’s morale, connection to the company, truly empowering staff and adding value across multiple sectors.

Granted Consultancy supported Play in developing an application for the Innovate UK Smart Grants Competition for their Totem app. Unfortunately, this application was unsuccessful despite it being high scoring. As the application for the previous Smart Grants Competition was high scoring, the Granted Consultancy team reviewed and adapted the application based on the feedback given from assessors and resubmitted. The resubmission of the application was successful! Play secured over £300,000 of grant funding from Innovate UK to further develop their platform. When Innovate UK launched their COVID-19 continuity grants to currently funded project participants to ensure their continuity in and completion of those existing projects, Granted Consultancy supported Play in submitting a second successful application which aided Play in the continuation of their currently funded project.

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