Senti-Tech Innovate UK Smart Grants Success Story

Grant Funding Consultancy Case Study

Funding Competition: Innovate UK Smart Grants 21

Company Sector: Health and Life Sciences

Project Duration: 15 months

Funding Secured: ~£300k

The Market Problem

Respiratory disease affects one-in-five people worldwide. It is the third leading cause-of-death, costing the NHS alone £9.1bn/year. Imagine what the world would be like for the 500 million people globally suffering with long-term respiratory illnesses if their lungs could tell them exactly what was wrong, how their illness was progressing, and precisely what to do about it? Well, they can…

The Project

Senti-Tech radically addresses this problem by delivering optimised and personalised respiratory care through artificial intelligence built into their patent-pending innovative smart garment, Senti-Wear.

With the grant writing support of our team, Senti-Tech secured funding from Innovate UK’s Smart Grants Competition for their industrial research project developing Senti AI. Built into the Senti-Wear T-Shirt, Senti-AI will detect attacks of these diseases and create opportunities for intervening at the earliest possible moment avoiding hospitalisation and improving the speed of recovery.

This innovation will improve quality-of-life and reduce avoidable deaths through prompt and personalised treatment: tech-enabled precision and predictive respiratory medicine.

Client Quote

“Working with Granted has been a great experience from beginning to end. Their expertise helped us navigate the pearls and pitfalls of grant writing, helping to identify all the nuances to writing an excellent application to the Innovate UK Smart grant competition. Without their help, we would undoubtedly have missed including key specific information which elevated the grant from good to excellent (and successful!).” – Philip Alton, Founder & CEO at Senti-Tech

Connected through Partnership

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