Tried & Supplied R&D Tax Credits Success Story

Company Sector: AI, Digital & Data

Funding Secured: ~£42k (for 2018-19, 2019-20, and 20-21 accounting periods)

Project Description

Tried & Supplied has been developing a platform to optimise the supply chain for food business operators by reducing both costs and environmental impacts. Tried & Supplied’s dynamic ordering platform currently allows live pricing visibility for buyers from their chosen suppliers, eliminating any confusion in price fluctuations; which is a common problem within the food services industry. Funding was needed to develop a scalable digitised service that could fulfil procurement requirements for foodservice operators and provide niche or small suppliers with enhanced market access. Tried and Supplied also developed shared shipments and route optimisation features. Upon seeking advice from Granted Consultancy R&D Tax Credits were highlighted as the best route to successfully secure funding. The funding secured will enable Tried & Supplied to expand on important features and testing to continue to support local suppliers across the nation and encourage positive impacts on the environment in the hospitality sector.

Client Quote

“Granted provided excellent advice and took the whole application off my hands. They took my description of the work we do and turned it into a successful application. All I had to do was sit back and wait for the money to come in. Financially this has been a real godsend with the effects of COVID on our business this year and has enabled us to push forward with developments despite the crisis.” – Domini Hogg, CEO of Tried & Supplied. 

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