Again – making reusable packaging scalable

Company: Again
Company Sector: Clean-Tech & Agri-Tech
Competition: ISCF Smart Sustainable Packaging
Funding Secured: ~£400k

The Market Problem

Globally, £180bn per year is spent on mostly single-use, rigid packaging and £96bn is on beverage packaging. Recycling this waste is regularly viewed as the simplest ‘circular-economy’ solution due to the costs and complexities of reusing packaging. But keeping materials in their existing state for longer significantly reduces negative environmental impacts (both direct and indirect) of the plastic packaging supply chain.

The Project

Again is an innovative company that is revolutionising the future of supply chains, making reusable packaging viable and scalable working to change perceptions over what is reusable. They are building a network of smart, low-cost cleaning hubs that can clean and dry huge volumes of packaging and seamlessly return this to filling lines. All at a price parity for brands and retailers on par with single-use. And with significantly less embodied CO2 (cradle-to-grave) than recycling or disposal routes.

With the Grant Writing support of the Granted Team, Again was successful in securing a grant from Innovate UK’s ISCF Smart Sustainable Packaging competition. Their project will optimise the infrastructure to enable reuse to happen at scale, making existing rigid plastic packaging 100% reusable, aiming for a world where reuse surpasses single use on every metric, saving billions of units of packaging from landfill/incineration.

Client Quote

I’ve loved working with the team at Granted Ltd, they were fantastic at helping us communicate our innovation and plan to the assessors. They’ve helped us throughout the entire process and I’d highly recommend working with them.” – Matt Kennedy, Founder & CEO at Again